“T-n-T” Wedding Recap

On April 5th, 2014, the sun was shining over the beautiful green golf course at the Mountain Gate Country Club, readying for a gorgeous outside ceremony. The view was so breathtaking that it looked as if it was pulled straight out of a fairytale. As guests arrived I had the opportunity to play string quartet versions of popular movie songs, which was an ongoing theme throughout the night. The wedding coordinator, Aiden, was so great at welcoming all the guests and showing them where to go. Once everyone arrived the music softened and the theme to “The Hobbit” was played as the Bridal Party entered. Set in place, the Bridal Party and Groom looked on as our beautiful Bride walked down the steps towards the love of her life to a string quartet cover of “Love Story.” The Grooms reaction was priceless as he watched his soon to be Bride walk down the aisle towards him. It was as if he fell in love with her all over again at that very moment. Thankfully, the moment was captured by the amazing photographers, Paul and Paul from The Good Photographer. The ceremony was an elegant affair filled with inspiring words from the officiant, a great rendition of “Your Song” sung by a dear friend, and vows that would make the toughest person tear up with joy.

Going inside to the reception area was a delight as each member of the Bridal Party had a special song for them to dance to as they bobbed and weaved through the crowd towards the dance floor. You could feel the excitement in the room as I announced the newlywed couple coming in to the song “Gangnam Style”, which then transitioned into a surprise first dance to “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” which the Bride and Groom choreographed themselves. As the roar of the crowd started to fade, I had the honor of inviting both sides of the immediate family for a friendly competition dance off. This in turn had all the guests cheering even louder than before.

During dinner you could hear the relaxed feel of soft music in the background. Great words of wisdom, comedy, and heartfelt emotions were shared by the Best Man, Maid of Honor, and parents, which then segued to a special impromptu performance from the Netherlands filled with rewritten songs with words of encouragement for both the Bride and Groom.

The good times kept on going with the addition of a fun interactive game the Bride and Groom came up with. The Shoe Game, tested our couple with how well they knew themselves and better yet how well they knew one another. You could hear the heavy laughter coming from the crowd as the Bride and Groom answered each question I asked. Every single guest were invested in the game, so much so that you could feel the positive energy being shared throughout the room. This in turn helped fill up the dance floor as the party elevated to a whole other level. Popular artists such as Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Beyonce filled the air as guests danced the night away.  The Bouquet and Garter toss were well received as “Foxy Lady” and “Let’s Get It On” encouraged the single men and women to catch the prize. To end the night, the song “Glad You Came” played as the couple walked through a flurry of sparklers held by their guests.

As a professional in the wedding industry, I come across so many happy couples, but I honestly believe that this particular couple is the epitome of what it truly means to be IN LOVE!  The amount of support, respect, and love they received from their guests was evident throughout the night. We surround ourselves with what we see within ourselves and because of that I truly know that this couple will have a “Happily Ever After.”

Editorial by:  Chirpie
Ceremony & Reception Music: Chirpie from Preferred Weddings
Photographer:  Paul from The Good Photographer
Venue:  Mountain Gate Country Club, Bel Air
*For privacy, the bride and groom names have been abbreviated as TnT

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