Plotkin Wedding Recap

Memories were made at Claremont College when Preferred Weddings hosted Carmel & Eugene’s multicultural wedding!   Our very own, Amy Moody and our colleague Mandy Wu coordinated the decor and visual aspects, while Chirpie headed the entertainment coordination and was the DJ/MC for the evening.  Our owner, Sudee Mann played music for the ceremony.  Every moment, every aspect, every song, every culture differentiates one wedding from one another.  We were honored to have the opportunity of witnessing a Russian Wedding tradition which is unique and special in every way.  It was hard not to notice that all the tables were stocked with a bottle of Russian Vodka, so toasts could be made throughout the entire reception. There is another tradition where all the guests get an opportunity to make a toast to the entire party on the microphone. It was great to hear the kind words and advice they shared about the bride and groom, while the rest danced the night away.  We wish the Plotkin’s the best of marriage and the very best that life has to offer!


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