Lead by Example, the Preferred Weddings Way.

The very foundation of Preferred Weddings is the people who make up our team: genuine, unique individuals who are passionate about what they do and about taking outstanding care of our clients. That’s why we place such emphasis on that personal connection between the bride and the DJ. If you wouldn’t want us as a friend, you shouldn’t be hiring us for your wedding. Trust and compatibility are that important to the core values that make up our belief system at Preferred Weddings.

Our goal is to match you with one of our DJ’s that is perfectly suited to your plans, but obviously it’s important that you have the opportunity to decide for yourself if he/she is a good fit. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your plans in detail with the DJ before you sign any type of contract, and if you decide to move forward with booking, that specific DJ will be guaranteed to be the one performing for your wedding. You’ll then work directly with your DJ throughout your planning process, under the watchful care of our office team, ensuring that everything runs smooth– no miscommunication, no lost paperwork, no unmet expectations, no unkept promises.

Interacting with our clients — whether it be on the phone or in the initial meeting or at the event itself — isn’t about “selling.” It isn’t about showboating our mixing skills, fancy tricks or scaring you into thinking any other DJ would ruin your wedding, because that isn’t true.  It’s about really getting to know you and your expectations, and below, you can get to know us by this recent photo of our 2014 Wedding Team interacting with each other.


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